How to Escape a Deadly Riot

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How to Escape a Deadly Riot

Do you know how to escape a deadly riot if suddenly engulfed by one? In the volatile climate of the 2020s, where the streets can erupt without warning, it’s not just wise—it's essential to be prepared. Civil unrest isn't just a news segment; it's becoming a frequent hazard, one that demands knowledge and readiness from every city dweller.

This article isn’t about scare tactics; it’s about survival. We’ll cover critical strategies for escaping riots, whether you’re trapped on foot amidst a wave of chaos or caught in your car as a protest turns violent. With practical tips and insights, you'll learn how to navigate these treacherous waters like a seasoned pro.

In an age where riots are becoming part of the urban landscape, being unprepared is not an option. Let’s dive into the strategies that could one day save your life.

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Understanding The Risk

There is no reason to head into one of these situations blindly. Of course, threats can pop up unannounced. That said, there is some quality intel that you can glean long before heading out into an area or event that could potentially explode into a violent riot. 

Remember, in order for a riot to become large and out of control, it requires a lot of people. You aren’t going to run into a massive riot that turns violent on the streets of Winchester, Virginia. Only when you are heading to areas with higher populations do you need to concern yourself with the possibility of having a serious riot breakout and you being swept up in it. 

I personally use The Grayman Briefing to stay on top of all the civil unrest in our nation. If you have local protest groups in your area, many have Twitter pages or websites that breakdown when protests are going to take place. 

The Carnagie also gives you a very unique global tool to understand protests right now and look at data from 2017 on.

  • Preparation is Key: Always stay informed about the potential for civil unrest in areas you frequent. This isn't about scare tactics—it's about survival.
  • Utilize Intelligence Sources: Use tools like The Grayman Briefing or local protest group networks to stay updated on civil unrest. The Carnegie Endowment's Global Protest Tracker offers insights into global and historical protest data.

Escaping a Riot on Foot

Even with all the necessary precautions, you could be swept up in a simple protest that rapidly turns into a riot. Do you know how to escape this kind of situation? If you find yourself surrounded by angry people chanting crazy stuff and maybe even damaging property, your first concern is to blend in. 

There is no level of protection or self defense that will work in a riot situation where you are targeted. Your only hope is to put something substantial between you and the rioters. Entering the nearest storefront and locking the door, if possible, is a solution. Pulling a weapon and using it on rioters is likely to get you overpowered and maybe even have that weapon used against you. 

If you are not the target, the best way to escape a protest that is getting out of hand, or even a riot, is calmly work your way to the outskirts. Take note of the behavior and the chants that are going on. Shout the things the crowd is shouting and slowly work your way through the crowd. When the opportunity presents itself to walk into a store, into an alley or side street, take it, and then put distance between yourself and the group. 

Even on the outskirts of riot you must remain vigilant as this chaos breeds opportunistic crime and that can be a serious problem for you. If you see people doing things like breaking into stores or assaulting police, keep a wide berth and get away from the situation.

  • Blend In: Avoid drawing attention to yourself. Mimic the crowd's chants and movements to avoid becoming a target.
  • Seek Immediate Shelter: If possible, enter the nearest storefront and secure the door. Confronting rioters directly can lead to being overpowered.
  • Move to the Periphery: Calmly work your way to the edges of the crowd, and take the first opportunity to exit into a store, alley, or side street.
  • Stay Vigilant: Keep a lookout for opportunistic crimes like store break-ins or assaults, and maintain a safe distance from such activities.

Escaping a Riot in a Vehicle 

Turning onto a busy street in your car and being confronted by a riot is a much different situation than being able to blend in on foot. These “mostly peaceful” protestors tend to target vehicles and damage them even when there are people inside. The madness of crowds is a real thing, and your life could be inconsequential to those participating in the riot. 

Your first and best option to escape a deadly riot in a vehicle is to immediately backup and get away from the chaos. This is not always an option, but when it is, you need to take advantage of it immediately. 

Driving your car through a protest can not only put your life at risk, but it can even end with you taking up residence in a jail cell. Perry has been convicted to 25 years for murder. 

If you cannot turn around and you must make your way through a hostile crowd, then you should do so slowly and carefully. It is imperative that you keep a regulated speed as you move through the crowd and that you do not come to a complete stop. You have to balance the threat of the moving vehicle with enough self control to assure you don’t run someone over or harm someone bold. 

All you are looking for is the first chance to turn down a street. Forget about your original plans. Your goal is only to make the first left or right that you can to get out of that situation. It’s not a bad idea to carry something like bear spray with a long distance stream that you can use if someone winds hanging on your car. 

  • Reverse Out: If feasible, the first line of defense is to back away from the chaos.
  • Proceed Slowly: If you must drive through a crowd, maintain a steady, slow speed without stopping. This balances the need to avoid harming others with the imperative to escape.
  • Change Routes: Abandon your original route and take the first available turn to distance yourself from the riot.
  • Emergency Tools: Consider keeping non-lethal self-defense tools like bear spray in your vehicle for emergencies where someone attempts to breach your car.


Protests, riots, flash mobs, and street takeovers are a part of life in many cities. I cannot see a reason why they would go away. What is the motivation for one to stop rioting and looting? Seems to come with a lot of benefits from my point of view. 

For those of us who would like to live somewhat normal lives, we need to understand how to deal with a world with crumbling rule of law. Now, there is always the ejection method. That is, to move far from major metro areas. Without the people then you cannot have the riots. 

Not everyone is willing to hand over some of the most beautiful and innovative cities on the planet to the deviants who would reduce them all to rubble. Instead, we’d like to see the cities find the sanity lane and put the pedal to the metal. In the meantime, however, we must be prepared to deal with riots and civil unrest

  • Consider Relocation: For those seeking a more peaceful lifestyle, moving away from major metro areas can significantly reduce the risk of encountering riots.
  • Advocate for Stability: Work towards and support initiatives aimed at restoring order and sanity in urban environments.
  • Stay Prepared: Always have a plan and the necessary tools to navigate through or around violent disturbances.

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