What I Put In My Kid’s Bug Out Bag

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What I Put In My Kid's Bug Out Bag

Last week, I talked about how I built my 30-pound bug out bag. If an unexpected disaster strikes, I can grab my bag and head out the door in less than a minute, and I'll have 3 days worth of food and supplies with me.

However, one thing that new preppers tend to forget is that few people bug out alone. If you're bugging out, you probably have one or more people with you, such as a spouse and kids. If they don't have their own bug out bags, then your food and supplies won't last three days—it might not even last one day.

That's why it's wise to build a separate bug out bag for each family member. For this article, I'm going to share what I put in my 8-year-old son's bug out bag.

Putting his bag together was quite a challenge. I didn't want it to be too heavy. He only weighs 90 pounds, and since experts recommended having a bug out bag that's no more than 15% of one's bodyweight, that limited me to about 13.5 pounds.

With a bag that light, there was no way I could include everything he would need to survive on his own for three days. But of course, I don't plan on letting him end up on his own. This bag is so he can carry extra supplies that won't fit in my bug out bag.

In the end, his bag ended up weighing 13.6 pounds. I'm confident he could carry that a pretty good distance, but this summer we're going to spend time hiking with our bags so we can get in better shape.

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Anyway, here's what I put in my kid's bug out bag:


Kid's Bug Out Bag Clothes

Note: His clothes are inside a dry sack.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit for Kid's Bug Out Bag


Kid's Bug Out Bag Foods

Total calories: 6842 (2280 per day)

Hydration Kit

Hydration Kit for Kid's Bug Out Bag

Light / Electronics

Light and Electronics for Bug Out Bag

Physical Comfort

Physical Comfort Items for Bug Out Bag


Bug Out Bag Toiletries


Miscellaneous Items for Kid's Bug Out Bag

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